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Environmental Health & Safety


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Biological Safety

Regulatory compliance issues involving the receipt, use or shipment of biohazards at Ohio State.


Emergency Preparedness

Development of procedures to be followed by university departments in case of certain types of campus emergencies, including assistance in completing and practicing Building Emergency Action Plans (BEAP).


Environmental Affairs

Environmental regulations, compliance, chemical management, chemical and infectious waste disposal, pollution, asbestos assessment and abatement, emergency spill response, environmental cleanup oversight, liaison with regulatory agencies.

Refrigerators/Freezers & Freon


laboratory safety

Laboratory operations involve the use of chemicals and equipment. Hazards can be managed or minimized through appropriate facilities, protocols, and knowledgeable personnel.


Occupational Health, Safety and Education

Identification, evaluation and elimination of hazards. Training to ensure compliance with established federal, state and local regulations.


Radiation Safety

Support for more than 600 labs on campus working with or storing radioactive material, safety training courses.

Request Radiation Services - All requests for radioactive waste pick-up should be submitted via an eRequest using FOD-Environmental Health & Safety as the vendor.


Research Safety

Lab management and regulatory compliance issues involving university research laboratories.